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the beaten track

There are a plethora of leadership training programs, offered online and offline, left and right.  But, for the careful observer, it is clear that the leadership training industry is clustered somewhere between MBAs and corporate, almost exclusively focused on leadership for large organizations. This, paradoxically, leaves out SMEs, the backbone of European industry. Moreover, there is an entire subculture of female CEOs, leaders, executives, and decision-makers within those SMEs operating in the field of innovation and being heavily underserved, unrecognized, and marginalized by the leadership training industry. And if anything is certain in this time of uncertainty - it is that in the field of innovation - the traditional approach simply doesn’t work.

The Purpose


Straight to the core

Amid a world that seems to be in a state of perpetual crisis, 2020 brought about dramatic shifts in Leader-Ship that highlighted one area of leadership development that has been sorely neglected yet is now more crucial than ever. The ability to navigate through uncertainty has become the new core leadership skill - a must-have in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world.

But let's be real, isn't this what has always separated the best from the rest? The ones who thrive in chaos, adapt quickly, and lead their teams through the storm are the ones who come out on top. 

The journey
of unlearning

Anticipate the Future: Our real-life scenarios immerse learners in situations that challenge them to anticipate the future, preparing them for whatever comes their way.

Pop-Up Questions: Designed to provoke divergent thinking, our pop-up questions spark breakthrough moments that empower learners to solve complex problems and develop an authentic leadership style.

Peer Feedback: Social learning is at the heart of our approach, with peer feedback providing valuable insights that increase self-awareness and boost self-confidence.

Peer Leadership: Our community-driven approach promotes collaboration across disciplines, enhancing the ability to work in diverse environments and empowering learners to become exceptional leaders.

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The race
is on

We are already doing it all without the Lead2Peer platform. ​ Leadership challenges might be the same everywhere, but the solutions are unique to each individual and organization. ​ And the same as no racer has ever become a Formula One Champion by attending courses - no leader has.  Lead2Peer is the track for leaders to race on.  "Wildly innovative! Initiative to watch out!" is the type of commentary we love. However! The thing is that no aspect of this initiative is innovation per se, but what makes it so exciting and powerful is the simplicity!



Special collaboration with
Maja Forcan: UX / LX Design

Hi, I am an extensively curious Berlin-based UX designer with a background in business development and humanities. I enjoy combining analytical and creative thinking with a user-centered approach and transforming ideas into tangible products and loveable experiences. I am interested in the accessibility and ethics of UX Design, as these issues can most directly make a positive change in people's lives.  Aside from gamification of learning experiences, Lead2Peer puts a special focus on diversity and inclusivity, and this is why I am in love with this project. 

Special collaboration with Maja Forcan
UX / LX Design

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