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Leadership Hub:

The Next-Level

Designed by a Classical Philologist deeply immersed in The Leadership of the Future, specifically for leaders who are ready for The Next-Level.

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The Original Form

In its original form, leadership is nothing else but fostering innovation, venturing into uncharted territory, and staying ahead of the curve.


At our Leadership Hub, we embrace both ancient wisdom and avant-garde thinking. We synergize classical and contemporary knowledge to support leaders in staying ahead of the curve in their respective industries.

Human & AI

This is not a typical mentorship program for leaders. We welcome futurists, intellectuals, and impact-makers who recognize that reaching The Next-Level entails integrity, maturity, and wisdom within their leadership approach. In an era that fosters dialogue and collaboration between artificial and human intelligence, we hold a steadfast belief that the quality of progress hinges on our capacity for internal growth and maturity. We also understand that leaders face increasingly intricate and multifaceted challenges in navigating an ever-changing landscape amidst the permacrisis.

Jelena Moore

Jelena Moore X Katriel for Leadership for Innovation: The Runway Show

Combination of 1-2-1 reflections & asynchronous practical consultations

Jelena Moore

Experience & Wisdom

Our leaders are aware that they are ready for the next stage of leadership because their experiences have refined their taste, granting them a more nuanced and sophisticated perspective that clashes with the existing norms of the business world in which they operate. Consequently, they often feel constrained within the confines of the current system. At our Leadership Hub, we provide the necessary support for our leaders to transform this construct.

Jelena Moore X Katriel for Leadership for Innovation: The Runway Show

Dedicated team and group sessions: Simulations - Debate - Mediation - Problem solving

Refine &

As they refine their leadership approach, others begin to perceive them in a more nuanced, sophisticated, and refined manner. This transformative process leads them to redefine their organizational standards. Once this new construct takes shape, a multitude of possibilities unfolds, encompassing everything from scaling and persevering to gracefully disengaging and exploring the myriad paths in between. And the common thread among all these pathways is that decisions are made from a place of maturity, actions are carried out with utmost integrity, and the experience becomes deeply transformative for all involved.

Jelena Moore

Jelena Moore X Katriel for Leadership for Innovation: The Runway Show

Zoom out & Zoom In!

If you're ready for The Next-Level in your leadership, to feel confident in expressing yourself in a way that feels true to who you are today, and to be acknowledged, respected, and valued for your sophisticated approach - reach out to us. 

We will accompany you every step of the way, from translating your experiences into wisdom and establishing yourself as a wise figure of authority to supporting you and your team in your daily activities. 


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At the Sapfo Groove Initiative, we're proud to help leaders in setting the precedents they want. Contact us today to learn how we can help you do the same!

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