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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Thing or two (or more) have already been said about correlation between genius chess players and genius leaders.

This is, however, where gates open and passage - into the author's intimate story about the drive and danger behind playing the game at the level not many, but few, are playing - is granted.

To whom it may concern. A misfit, a rebel, an innovator, a pioneer, a visionary leader on a mission to disrupt existing and set a new standard.

For the sake of the game itself.

Passing the gates, nine treasury rooms, containing ten micro chapters, become available for exploration. Over time, more treasuries will be revealed.


Imagine having earliest childhood memories around chess boards. Chess boards with power to plant the seed of eternal curiosity about the irresistible attraction black & white pieces host.

Attraction that pulls parents and the rest of the family right in. Imagine growing up with this awareness that there is an entire world, a different dimension, in which focus is solely on this power game between black & white.

The ancient power game with "rules that can be learned in about 15 minutes, but with more combinations than atoms in the (observable) universe". *

Now imagine growing up in the presence of a pull that strong that even without ever being a chess player yourself - you become hooked. Instantly and once and for all.

Being a child growing up surrounded by chess stories. And chess stories have it all - intrigue, hero’s journey, anti-hero’s quest, plot twists and climax. And they are colorful beyond imagination.

In fact, one particular story about a competitive chess player had such a powerful influence that it set this precise tone (this is that sharp, precise, hard wiring in the brain and body that happened in the youngest age) that can be experienced inside of the Leader-Ship field. It is the tone that raises the standard for the entire game of leadership as we know it today.

Only with knowing this particular story, it is possible to even start comprehending why some (few, not many) choose to step precisely into this Leader-Ship field and be Mentored for playing at this level.

This is the level that cannot be reached by those who play from checkmate to checkmate, one destination to another. This is the level where it is about the journey and advancing the entire game itself.

* Judit Polgar at TED


In 1988, the year Mentor in this Leader-Ship field was born, an earthquake happened during and shortly after Thessaloniki Chess Olympiad - a 12 years old female prodigy child took the spotlight and started to blaze the trail in front of the eyes of the entire world. Today known as the greatest female chess player of all time, her childhood dream was to ultimately dominate the entire chess world, no matter the gender. And in a way, that’s exactly what she did.

Judit Polgar.

Girl who defeated a grand-master when she was 11 (causing him to bang his head against the elevator door). Became a world youth champion at the age of 12 and at the age of 14 - champion among boys. Won the title of International Grand-master at the age of 15, breaking the long standing record of the legendary Bobby Fischer and becoming the youngest Grand-master of all times.

The first woman who played men almost exclusively, defeated 11 out 20 male world champions that existed in chess history. The only woman that reached 8th place (still the only woman in top 100) in the absolute world rankings and the only one that ever had the chance to play for the men’s world title.