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The day I write this entry in log book while we cruise through dimensions in Leader Ship is known among astrologers as confusing Mercury - Neptune transit. Confusing being the operative word because, as explained, Mercury is fact oriented, what we see with our 5 senses (think charts, forecasts, numbers) and as expected, Neptune is about everything we don’t prefer to talk or think about in boardrooms - about things we can’t see or prove, feelings, intuition, imagination. When Mercury conjuncts Neptune we are asked to join forces and work together.

Murky Business

Women across the globe, across time and space, know that we can know nothing about astrology to know that this is exactly the most confusing element of feminine leadership - the line between what we see that influential leadership is and what we feel it should look like.

And if we dare to step up into the role, we realize very quickly and very painful the realization this is - that nurturing, loving, compassionate, open minded, positive, trusting approach that we felt was right, actually doesn't work. We end up in burn out, disappointment, dreams that we will change the world with our sensitive ways get shattered. From an idea about powerful feminine leader who brings the peace to the collective we end up with question How could I be so delusional

Heavy, foggy, misty feelings become permanent tenants of our body and even if we managed to thrive enough to seem successful from the outside, we know that something's not quite right.

That’s the confusion, the murkiness of it.

How do we command without a uniform and military regime?

All the Wrong Places

The answer is actually very obvious if we don’t search at all the wrong places. One way to understand it is through the lenses of success of Pulp Fiction.

When this non-linear, extreme dialogue, eclectic monologue, irony mixed up in humor and violence, Tarantino's masterpiece showed up - glass ceiling of conventional structure gave it’s throne to unconventional and postmodernism could start.

But, don’t hold your breath, new structure didn’t take it’s place before Pulp Fiction was found as too demented by certain studio executives.

And this is exactly where the turning point for a female leader is.

At the moment when she feels delusional, which is the moment where there is a gap between her unconventional vision and conventional reality she lives in.

This is the old structure breaking point and new structure making moment.

The moment when she is invited to join everything she can see with her eyes closed, into unity. Into her authentic, breathtaking, powerful presence.

The moment when she gets clarity that neither her authority, credibility and influence don’t come from a uniform or rigid regime. Nor the way she is challenged, confronted, overheard, interrupted or expected to be the solver of everyone’s drama - come from her being weak or not capable to set boundaries.

In this confusion, there is a solution. And it is not black or white. It is grey. Because being a female leader oriented to harmony and peace is not creating conditions for innovation, growth and genius inside of the people will not show up.

So, as the Pulp Fiction showed up openly all the irony and demented elements in society, female leader is invited to acknowledge the existence of those. If she decides to ignore it, she will also never be capable of creating conditions for her own genius to show up.

True potential of individuals and groups is hidden in plane sites, right in front of the eyes of a female leader.

Look at the Mirror

The team is her mirror. If the reflection is drama, there is drama within. There is no faster or more potent way for a woman to sit on her throne than to look at the distortion and create Pulp Fiction of her own.

Meaning that a new level of existence and influence is not in linear, it is in trajectory that is out of chronology, in unconventional. When a woman creates an unconventional structure that is aligned with her nature, an entire Harry Potter realm shows up.

And would you be rather running a Harvard or Hogwarts type of a business?

Sapfo Groove Initiative encourages you to run it both, let Mercury conjunct Neptune and see what happens.

We know that some form of eclectic approach is necessary to make a massive shift, but there is as ease in it all. And the ease is in the flow. When a woman is in her zone, she is a powerful creator. And until she doesn’t start spending more and more time in the state of the flow, it will be difficult to stay on the throne.

Feminine Leader Ship is the Space Ship. So it is not the question whether we can follow step by step process to reach the goal, but can we hold the space, keep the highest intention and trust long enough that genius shows up?

That’s why the space we create is neither Harvard or Hogwarts, but our school is for setting you up for a nonlinear success trajectory in leadership. Our Leader Ship is the Space Ship in which the ride is about the brilliant quality of interaction, collaboration and problem solving between peer leaders. In our temple we create conditions for genius type of leadership. Ready to onboard?

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