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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In late December 2018, there was this girl, freshly diagnosed with Desmoid tumor, 1 in a million rare tumor, a rarest .form of sarcoma, according to WHO it was a cancer, according to others it was simply nothing

So, there she was. After spending so much time searching for the "right diagnose", she finds herself with a piece of paper that she waited for so long, just to realize that she is now even more confused, that the black whole in front of her just became even darker.

So, you must be wondering now what she could do after spending years in health vortex trying to explain how unwell she was feeling, trying to convince official medicine specialties that she was not exhausted because she was a twenty something female climbing the corporate ladder instead of producing children.

Yes, yes, "if you had 3 children by now, you would have no time to think about your headaches, or unwanted weight loss, or heart racing or throat pain, or voice loss, or even about the days when you couldn't get out of the bed". Can you imagine hearing this every time you try to get some help? Or, maybe you know it already.

What could she do then?

She started doubting in her right mind, she started doubting in reality, maybe it was just a dream. Or maybe she was a sociopath just faking everything so she could get some attention.

She started giving up, she started believing that the end is approaching because she could feel it, smell it, even see it. She felt the cold, smelled like rot and she saw dark creatures. She was losing her mind.

But, the show must go on. So, she played her part, she decided to play the part until D day. She couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t believe that nobody sees or believes. Was it true then? What was the truth at all?

She went to work, on days she could, she went to see her friends and family, on days she could and she played the part. She tried to stay in "normal" as much as she could, and she waited D day when pain and struggle will stop.

She felt alone, she felt disconnected, she cried.

And then, she was not scared anymore, she was even happy in a way. Because D day was approaching fast. After a while, people started to notice. That she didn't look too well, that she didn't talk too much, they could feel the darkness inside of her. After a while, her lab results started to show more and more, then it was not about her having no children or her wanting a career, it was about them not knowing what's wrong, why her body was shutting down.

But, she knew that it was too late. While they were trying to decide what treatment to start, she was running out of oxygen. Literally. She couldn’t read text messages, she couldn’t watch movies or read a book, she couldn’t even think properly. She still couldn’t believe it, but she felt a little happier. Because she knew it would not last too long.

Paradox. Imagine this: Everybody knows that you are disappearing, but nobody does anything radical to help you. Everybody knows that the whole continent is with not enough water right, but nobody does anything radical. Everybody knows that women are still victimized, but nobody does anything radical. You see, this world is a dark place to be, so maybe you are simply not meant to stay here longer. You know that there is so much more than this, that the Universe is infinite. So, you start looking for your new shape. The dark is clearing a bit, creatures are almost gone, the stars are showing and roses are smelling. You are ready to end this journey and start

a new one.

Except, it's not. This world is not only a dark place.

Suddenly, our girl thought that she shouldn’t go away just like that. Quietly.

She would have a party. She would groove the world the way she believed it should vibrate. On a Love Frequency.

She decided to have a party that would celebrate universal love. And she started to feel it. It could be her farewell party. And she could call it a wedding.

Somewhere around Rare Disease Day in 2019, the last day in February, this girl was designing a timeless dress with her sister and mother. She was loving it, she was tired and exhausted and in pain, but on this day 03.03.2019 she would celebrate life and love. She would gather her friends and family and people who meant so much to her. She needed this, she needed the light of love, the positivism of movement, the powerful energy of the group. She loved the music, the people, the man she married to.

And, she would never admit to anyone that she considered this as her farewell party.

But, on that day 03.03.2019 something shifted. Something changed and the Universe did magic.

She danced all night long, she felt good, she felt loved, she loved back. She felt strong. She felt different. She felt that maybe, just maybe, she was meant to stay and serve the world in a different way.

The moment she decided to celebrate, she believed in magic. In the Universe. In universal Love. And she got her answer. And she started her complete healing journey. On all levels. Body, mind and soul level.

So, the truth is that she wasn't alone.

This is ONE of the stories and the rest of the healing journey is written in the Book named ONE and shared with the world as a legacy. So that no unicorn feels lost and hopeful ever again. So that no matter how crazy you feel, you know that you are not.

So that all rare and unique souls in this world know that complete healing is possible. Because the Universe has all the answers, and you do not need to understand them. You just need to trust.

#OnetheBook is full of stories about how 22 people are living their lives in well-being, what obstacles they needed to overcome and how lonely their journey was. It will be launched on 03.03.2020.

Exactly ONE year after this girl summoned the forces of love to celebrate and restore life.

Do you still believe in coincidence?

Get the book in 3 days, become true authentic leader of your life and work your magic.

The world awaits.

#OneTheBook #RareDiseaseDay #rarediseases #DesmoidAwareness #UnversalLove #TheLanguageofLove #Womenempowerement #unicorns #familylove

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