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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

To anyone who crosses the threshold of this Leader-Ship field, experience that causes all things leadership to just click - differently and right into the place - is guaranteed.

And that’s when, regardless of the initial reason for crossing the threshold, a new game level starts.

Regular ROI of 10x and beyond, better known as exponential growth (as opposed to incremental, 10% improvement) in Leader-Ship relevant metrics makes choosing this experience a no brainer, but that is not what makes it so unique. Neither is the outcome that is reported (by those who experienced it) to be the greatest value.

Therefore, read the first sentence again.

Then dive into the Word of Honor specifics. Which are, in fact - exacting non-negotiable requirements. Expressed in a form of mutual expectations - what is expected of you and what you must expect. Upon which outcome from this experience depends.

* * *

“If some of you had no Time to read everything, my advice is to go back and dive in. Olja embodies timeless wisdom and having the opportunity to “hear“ her is an incredible experience!“

As much as flattering this testimonial is, and as much as Ego adores it, and as much truth it is contained in those lines - here is highlighted in order to emphasize that Time, from both perspectives - linear construct and metaphysical theory around it - is the first non-negotiable requirement of this field.

Time to read, listen, think, feel, converse, and ask about Leader-Ship. Time to consume and Time to act, practice, implement.

This is the field of deconstruction and divergency, it causes dis-ordering of current operating programs, habits, patterns, shifts in thinking and perspectives.

Be aware that this requirement of Time has nothing to do with level of willingness or commitment - it simply is. This means that it works in both ways - one is expected to “have” or “create” Time for this Leader-Ship field, and also one must expect that the field itself is highly immersive.

All tangible results are in direct correlation with the level of resistance demonstrated. The more resistance to the fact that this Leader-Ship field is the most potent play-field for the time being, and that all the “answers“ and “know-hows“ are in here and not where one is keep putting attention to (aka self-sabotaging) - the less potent results will be.

Simple - what is decided that matters, becomes a matter. To embody Leader-Ship wisdom of this field, one must make this field matter above detraction.

* * *

“What you said was instantly impressed upon me, and I knew - finally, someone who has exactly what I want. But I didn’t know to articulate what it was. I had so many questions.“

What a beautiful moment of recognition and acknowledgement of a mastery. This is what every Mentor dreams of - its words transmitted laser sharp and precise, making a long lasting imprint in resonant entity and sense of admiration in the air. And once again, as much flair this brief statement reveals - it also reveals the second requirement of the Leader-Ship field. Questions.

Questions are extremely activating to this field. And at the same time extremely deactivating. Therefore, questions contain huge power and potency here. Inevitably, as it is a requirement, one will have many questions. That is what both - deconstruction and divergency bring to the table.

Experience teaches that many of the questions that one never dares to ask - are precisely the ones with the ability to unleash the most power.

Results, consequently, depend on the amount of audacity and courage one has. To ask a question? Not only that. There is a nuance in this. Correct would not be to say Ask a Question, but: To ask For. To demand.

This Leader-Ship field responds to demands. And at the same time demands something. The more demands, the more is demanded - the more power is generated in this way, the more of a momentum is gained.

* * *

“The way you show up and the intensity of your presence impact me in a way that completely takes me by surprise. I cannot quite wrap my mind around it.“

As much as it is a proof of the highly influential nature of this field, these lines are proof of how sophisticated objections can be.

This is a perfect testimony to the human and natural need to comprehend, to mentally grasp the essence and intellectually assign a meaning to a certain influence - in order to provide clarity to the brain that will eventually calm down alert nervous systems. The danger of the unfamiliar, unknown.

Stepping into the field that is woven out of threads so deconstructive, divergent and disruptive can be nothing but unexpected, surprising and intensive. The third requirement revealed here is to leave behind, before crossing the threshold, what is familiar and known about Leader-Ship and trust to the grand-mastery of the field and Mentor.

The degree one is capable of trusting will determine the degree of which one is capable of expanding.

* * *

“What words cannot describe is the feeling Olja creates...To leaders - my lifelong recommendation.“

This is to testify how (almost) impossible it is to describe what being in and experiencing this Leader-Ship field feels like.

Leaders know how quantifying the quality is an excruciating thing to do.

And when that quality has an instant and profound effect…Then neither numbers, nor words simply don’t cut it…

“We were waiting for you today on a team meeting. The fact that you were no longer our leader for over a year completely disappeared from our minds.“

… And when that quality has an everlasting effect… Then only one metric applies. The Infinite.

As the infinity of a human potential that divergent leaders and divergent teams bring to the table.

That’s why the last requirement, that is about not seeking validation and proof of value in typical ways, is so important. This field requires simply knowing. And it’s not for the risk-averse. Who is it for exactly, find out via Memoirs.

* * *

To continue speaking in words of those who did it, crossing this enigmatic threshold guarantees experiencing “highly interesting, quite intriguing, deep and thought provoking insights” , “great analogies and creativity through which Olja easily can put such a new perspective on leadership”, while “presenting it with all sensory stimuli”.

Spot on, timely and relevant, reflections on specific leadership challenges with brilliant examples” have the power to “explain a lot”, “make thinking”, “send down a memory lane”, “be instrumental pieces in the process of owning leadership identity.”

Reaching a rare depth”, while “bringing up such an important topic of divergency that isn’t discussed a lot” is “extremely empowering for women”.

Such a modern and refreshing take on leadership” is “food for thought and everyone needs to hear it, it is desperately needed as the big shift is coming”. This is a “very powerful, thought provoking, unique way of delivering wisdom”.


Light-bulb moment”.

And that’s exactly what this Word of Honor is about. About the Leader-Ship experience that is so different from anything that is currently available out there - that is instantly recognized as the only real alternative.

"To offer the world a better alternative is the purest form of protest."

Quote attributed to Lyle Mays

And while many have nothing new to say, and consequently have no new knowledge and expertise to offer - after reading this - for a few of you something has just clicked differently, hasn’t it?

Olja Aleksic

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