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Your one-stop support for success in a rapidly evolving landscape!

Our end-to-end solutions connect all the dots between your end user, workforce, and decision-makers, seamlessly integrating with your business at every critical touchpoint.


Whether you are at the cutting edge of the Web3 industry, in the space of corporate venture, or a traditional organization on a digital transformation journey, we can help you stay competitive, evolve, and innovate from the inside out, providing the support you need to stay ahead of the curve and achieve your goals.

1. End-users:
QA Solutions 

Discover the power of golden insights for your Offer, Support & Operations with our Quality Assurance Solutions. We specialize in monitoring communication between end-users and your company's touchpoints to identify areas of improvement and provide valuable insights. Our QA monitoring and evaluation process is focused on insights that help you scale, retain customers, improve your product/service, and ensure revenue assurance. We offer flexible engagement models to suit your needs. We work with you to understand your unique requirements and tailor our approach to provide the best possible support for your business, whether that's through a fully outsourced service, additional support to your in-house team, or extended support to your outsourced customer service providers.


2. Workforce: L&D Solutions

Our L&D Solutions support both co-located and distributed teams, building highly resilient, innovation-oriented, and adaptable work environments for your employees. Whether you need a fully outsourced L&D partner, seamless integration with your In-House team, or extended support for your (online or offline) outsourced L&D solutions, we've got you covered. Our flexible approach ensures we can adapt to your unique needs and help your team reach their full potential. What also sets us apart is our unique Audit service, based on Gestalt methodology. We look at your organization as an entity, identifying bottlenecks and noise sources to differentiate the true cause from the superficial. The quality of L&D depends on the quality of diagnosis, and our phenomenological approach provides an outsider's invaluable perspective to identify the right path forward. Our Audit is fast and effective, delivering tangible, relevant, and actionable results in short increments that prioritize your company's needs. It's an essential step before we discuss how we can help with L&D programs. And that's not all. We're also proud to partner with Gestalt Academy to provide mental well-being support as part of your L&D or benefits programs. We believe that supporting your employees' mental health is essential to building highly resilient, innovation-oriented, and adaptable work environments.


3. Decision-Makers:
Leadership Solutions

In today's fast-paced and rapidly changing business landscape, innovation is a critical component for any organization to remain competitive and relevant. However, driving innovation requires strong leadership skills and a clear vision that aligns with the company's goals and values, especially in the context of remote or distributed teams. By streamlining ownership distribution, clarifying priorities, and aligning day-to-day workflow, our Leadership Solutions help leaders create a strong foundation for innovation within their organizations. This enables leaders to identify and pursue new opportunities, make informed decisions, and develop a culture of innovation that encourages creativity and risk-taking. Furthermore, effective leadership is essential for ensuring that the organization's resources are being used efficiently and that everyone is working towards a common goal. Our Leadership Solutions help leaders understand how to manage and motivate their teams to ensure that the organization is agile and responsive to change.


Your valuable partner supports you stay ahead of the curve!

We understand that every business is unique and requires a tailored approach to achieve success, which is why our solutions are agile, innovative, and customized to meet your specific needs.

Our expertise and setup make us an ideal partner for businesses of all sizes. We can complement your existing in-house teams or serve as your fully outsourced partner. We also work well with third-party providers, such as outsourcing customer service or L&D companies.

With access to top industry talent, we can support your initiatives at scale and help you stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving world.


ROI Examples

We want you to know what ROI means when we discuss Quality Assurance, L&D, and Leadership for Innovation. The long-term results that are expected include: 1. Increased productivity and efficiency through streamlined processes and effective communication, resulting in cost savings and improved profitability; 2. Improved customer satisfaction and retention through better client management, complaint management, and renewal/upsell opportunities, resulting in increased revenue; 3. Reduced employee turnover and associated costs through better talent management and retention strategies, resulting in improved employee satisfaction and engagement; 4. Improved sales performance and targets through better sales processes, performance management, and communication, resulting in increased revenue and profitability; 5. Cost savings through effective communication and handover between employees and service providers, resulting in reduced expenses and improved profitability. However, it is important to translate those long-term benefits into short-term metrics because what we also know firsthand is how fast and easily you can: 1. Lose EUR 10k due to poor communication with vendors; 2. Lose EUR 100k account due to poor client management; 3. Miss the opportunity to renew and retain with upsell cross-sell worth EUR 15k; 4. Lose EUR 3k per talent you didn't manage to retain; 5. Lose EUR 50k worth of a client due to poor complaint management; 6. Miss to double your sales targets due to loose ends in the sales process and poor performance management; 7. Pay 3 times the initial price to the service provider due to miscommunication and poor handover between employees. That's why we focus on delivering outcomes that make a tangible difference in your organization, both in the short term and long term.

About us

Smart Remote Solutions are delivered by a growing team of expert contributors. In this constellation - we might be a new player in the industry, but we have a wealth of experience in working together, both inside and outside of the corporate world. Smart ReMOte visionaries and resident experts are Olja Aleksic (Classical Philologist, Leadership Mentor, and L&D expert) and Marija Nikolic Stosic (Gestalt therapist in education, Communication strategist, and L&D expert). Our approach is strictly rooted in client excellence and we deeply care end-user experience of your product/service. Highlights from our expertise: Conflict resolution & mediation techniques Audit grounded in Gestalt methodology Text, Language & Communication monitoring, evaluation, and analysis Coaching techniques Effective and impactful communication Effective goal-setting framework Delegation techniques Accountability & closing the feedback loop Ethical & difficult decision-making Advanced leadership skills Emotional Intelligence E-learning process design Strategic and tactical thinking Building a highly resilient culture Agile and iterative principles


Get in Touch & Learn More

Our Solutions encompass Quality Assurance, L&D, and Leadership. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you succeed in a rapidly evolving world!

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