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MO that
works for you

Smart ReMOte for Progressive Teams came into existence from the need for not just more effective, but meaningful, creative, and human Modus Operandi in remote and hybrid business environments. 




Rising above
the noise

The hype about the connection between individual well-being and efficiency, productivity, and profit is deafening. The buzz about the strengths-based roles and responsibilities, as well as holistic concepts of support is overwhelming.  Yet, the sense of isolation, disengagement, and low morale endure. We know how much remote work amplifies the challenges of collaboration, but we also know that there are ways to rise above the noise. 

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No 2 alike

We are Marija Stosic and Olja Aleksic and we have deep expertise, more than two decades of relevant experience, and passion (read: obsession) to find ways for overcoming challenges specific to remote & hybrid companies. Our background equips us with a variety of tools for building smart communication strategies, embedding leadership focused on innovation in the culture, strengthening trust and relationships, as well as pinpointing processes that are not aligned with the needs of your progressive team. But we also know that every progressive team is unique, with its own opportunities and underused resources. That's why we take an old-fashioned dialogue approach, with common sense and wild imagination, to help you find the best solutions for your team. 



By design,
not by chance

At the core of our approach is a dedicated space for your progressive thinkers to focus on the next level - a Think Tank. Here, we work with you to intentionally build an environment that fosters innovation, communication, and collaboration. We believe that hybrid and remote organizational setups are the ones that will shape the Future of Work. And we want to be not just part of it, but the very engine of it!



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Smart ReMOte 

Marija's passion for working with both teams and individuals meets Olja's obsession with leadership for innovation. We have more than 10,000 hours of team and individual mentoring and facilitating workshops for both process and team dynamics improvements. We have grown together through different roles, responsibilities, and capacities within the corporate world and outside of it, and we are excited to bring our expertise to your team. If you're ready to take your team to the next level, Smart ReMOte for Progressive Teams is here to help. We're committed to building a smarter, more human approach to remote and hybrid work, and we have the experience and passion to make it happen. Let's rise above the noise together.

Marija Stosic,
Communication Strategists 

Hi there! I'm Marija, a passionate people development professional with nearly a decade of experience helping individuals and teams unlock their potential. Through my experience working in remote and hybrid environments, I've gained a deep understanding of the challenges that come with distributed teams. As a result, I've made it my mission to adopt new concepts to create highly effective and efficient teams. I firmly believe that everyone has untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. That's why I'm dedicated to nurturing strengths and prioritizing individual growth to help team members thrive and succeed. For me, work isn't just a chore - it should be enjoyable and engaging. I believe that satisfied employees are the key to building successful teams. So if you're ready to take your team's potential to the next level, I'd love to work with you. Let's create a workplace where everyone can grow, excel, and have fun while doing it.



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